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  • Sofie van Rooij

    Sofie van Rooij

    SOFIE'S STORY: "I started riding when I was 4 years old. I had many wonderful moments with the ponies and now I have switched to...

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  • Nina van Rooij

    Nina van Rooij

    NINA'S STORY: "I started riding from a very young age, we have our own stable at home where my family is busy with...

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  • Jeanine Nieuwenhuis

    Jeanine Nieuwenhuis

    JEANINE'S STORY: I am Jeanine Nieuwenhuis, and together with my mother, I run a small-scale dressage stable in the beautiful Zeeuwse Kamperland. The focus...

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  • Alizée Froment

    Alizée Froment

    ALIZÉE'S STORY: Alizée Froment is born in the south of France in 1987. Starting as a jumping rider, she switched to the dressage aged...

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  • Babette Veenman - Mrs. Ros

    Babette Veenman

    BABETTE'S STORY: Together with her partner she specializes in training young & green horses and in rehabilitating problem horses with a new foundation & solving...

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  • Elisa Van De Craats - Mrs. Ros

    Elisa Van De Craats

    ELISA'S STORY: I was infected with horse fever from an early age. I've been riding pony as a little girl. With the ponies I mainly rode...

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  • Sterre Slosser - Mrs. Ros

    Sterre Slosser

    STERRE'S STORY: I became reserve champion of the region in 2021 in the outdoorseason and reserve champion in B dressage at the NK 2021.In...

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  • Danielle Houtvast

    Danielle Houtvast

    DANIELLE'S STORY: Danielle began riding at the age of 4. Her parents were active in show jumping, but in the end...

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  • Jette de Jong - Mrs. Ros

    Jette de Jong

    JETTE'S STORY:  Jette has seen much success at a very young age and her family breeds of all of her horses. Her goal is...

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  • Diana van den Bovenkamp - Mrs. Ros

    Diana van de Bovenkamp

    DIANA'S STORY: When Diana was 12 years old, her self-trained 6-year-old pony Volante (Volltreffer) was classified as a Z2 riding level. She was...

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