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Mrs. Ros was dreamed up in 2020 amidst an uncertain, and a suddenly quiet world. Yvonne van Wieren, a beauty maven and horse lover with a ”let’s go!” mentality, took this as an opportunity to make a change in the lives of equestrians.

Yvonne discovered a passion for horses at the age of 10, and by the age of 16 she found herself in a position where she was financially responsible for taking care of her own pony. This ignited her hidden entrepreneurial spirit, but unfortunately this all took a turn when an injury forced her to stop riding at the age of 20 . She instead focused on her studies, but her dream was to eventually return to the world of horses.

That dream did come true and she has taken the leap back into saddle. Upon doing so, she realized that the equestrian world had changed. She was overwhelmed with more choices than ever before and found it hard to choose the basic riding wear she needed for herself and horse. Shopping was no longer an enjoyable experience, but an intimidating one with so many mismatched options.

Our Mission: To give equestrians simple yet stylish solutions that satisfy their basic riding needs. By introducing matching sets and a stress-free shopping experience, Yvonne wants to make it easy for different types of riders to find exactly what they need. 

Our Vision: To bring together a community of riders from different backgrounds who empower each other and are united by great style.

Our Concept: We release collections throughout the year that compliment your existing Mrs. Ros pieces. This way you can add trendy, new items to your existing set every season. Offering equestrian apparel that you can mix and match makes it easy for different types of riders to find exactly what they need in the colors that they love!

Enjoy shopping in your new favorite equestrian closet!

With Love,