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Alizée Froment

Alizée Froment

"Someone asked me once, what is the purpose of creating these images?... I guess my answer is that bringing a bit of peaceful dreams in this chaotic world is enough to be worth it."


Alizée Froment is born in the south of France in 1987. Starting as a jumping rider, she switched to the dressage aged 17th. 4th with the French Team at the European Young Riders Championships in 2008 with her famous lusitano stallion Mistral du Coussoul, they competed afterwards up till 5* Grand Prix competition while performing artistic shows all over the world and leading the French pony team between 2010 and 2015. In 2015, Alizée has decided to leave the sport world and to focus on her artistic career, travelling with Mistral and his son Sultan all over Europe without break for two full years, performing liberty shows.

End of 2017, her little princess Louise was born, changing her life. She then stepped back a little from her professional life before going back to the international arenas with her daughter, performing their family number "Rising Generations" followed by "Dance with me". In may 2024, her book "The Horses who made me" will be released in all english speaking countries, followed by a dutch version during summer and the french one in October. She is now working on a new chapter of her artistic life which will be soon announced!

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