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Ortega Hoofdstel - Dark Brown

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 Our DELUXE Mrs. Ros Ortega Bridle for your horse promis a comfortable and practical fit that your horse will love! Our bridles were designed with the shape of the horse’s head and sensitive nervous systems in mind. By knowing that your horses’ bridle fits comfortably, you will have the confidence to ride with ease.

Anatomical Fit

A healthy horse is a happy horse! Our headpiece was carefully crafted to fit the shape of your horse’s head, keeping in mind sensitive areas, pressure points, and important muscle groups. It provides your horse the ultimate comfort and fit behind the ears, around the neck, and on the nose.

High Quality

Our long-lasting handmade bridles are made with durable vegetable tanned leather, a natural process that allows the leather to keep its shape for years to come. 

Details include the Mrs. Ros Logo engraved on the top of the headpiece. 

Key Features:

  • Anatomical fit in the noseband and headpiece
  • Engraved with the Mrs. Ros logo on top of the headpiece
  • Easy to change your bit with the handy clips
  • Throat strap is also equipped with clips


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